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this creature that they're terrified of for most of the story now having the name laura is so funny

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Listened to the song while I read this...it's. so. good. The song with the comic adds an extra layer of depth, I guess? I'm not sure how to explain but my god this is beautiful

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It’s so nice to put a name to a face (and it’s such a nice callback). Hello Laura!

The revelation about Mags’s abuela , and what she was trying to do before her stroke…I never saw that coming! It works so well and is so bittersweet.

Your use of color during this story continues to blow me away.

I think this music track accompanying the page might be my favorite one yet! Brandi Carlile’s greatness aside, it fits the current tone so well. We’re not at the end of the story yet (thankfully!!) but it feels like the present End Credits song.

I guess I just have so many good things to say about this comic…It’s been a wild ride, and I’ve been loving it! Thank you again Molly.

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I have nothing to say except:Molly, this is beautiful.☺️☺️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

(I also love the name Laura)


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This is beautiful. The colors, finally! The tenderness on Mags’ face as she looks down at the creature and gives it a name!

To me, Darkest Night is an amazing metaphor for mental illness that you keep hidden. In the beginning of the story, Mags acts normal all the time, never lets anyone know how much her burden of feeding this creature is weighing on her, or even that the creature exists. She has fresh scars on her hand that she constantly has to cover up, a parallel to self-harm.

The creature is ugly, and vicious, and literally drinks blood. Mags thinks, why would anyone want to see a part of her that is so messy? Why would anyone love her when they see the side of herself that she keeps hidden?

Then Mags does the unthinkable: taking the creature out into the sunlight. Telling Nessa about the creature. And Nessa doesn’t judge her or pity her; she makes it clear that she loves all of Mags, picking the creature up and trusting it not to hurt her. And then the sun rises, and Mags sees that maybe the creature isn’t so ugly and unlovable after all. She even embraces it and gives it a name. And she learns that she doesn’t have to carry this burden alone. She can let people in and show them the vulnerable, messy parts of her without being ostracized. She can learn to love those parts of herself.

So, yeah, when I see the story through this lens, Darkest Night is maybe the most beautiful comic I’ve ever read.

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This is sooooooooo good!!!!!!!!!

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All the other comments have said all that I could say :) So good so bittersweet so many good tears.

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