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hi there!

Welcome to IN THE TELLING. My name is Molly Knox Ostertag, and I began sharing comics on the internet ten years ago (Strong Female Protagonist, How the Best Hunter in the Village Met Her Death). It’s always been a way for me to connect with readers and share my work and thoughts, even when I moved into making traditionally published work (the Witch Boy series, the Girl From the Sea). This newsletter is a way to continue that practice!

this newsletter:

This newsletter will update twice a week, on average. I’ll be talking about my previous comics work, dissecting pages/narrative choices/character designs, and sharing storytelling advice. Feel free to ask questions in the comment section and I’ll answer them in posts!

I’ll be serializing a graphic novel via this newsletter, as well as talking about the process of making it. Expect more details on this soon!

There will also be a good deal of rambling on topics I find interesting, which include but are not limited to: cooking, reality TV, queerness, cats, hobbits, books, camping, and hot takes on movies from the early 2000s.

My goal is to form a safe, good-faith community in the comments section to chat about comics, queerness, and whatever else is interesting that week!

a few more notes:

Some of the work will be 18+, or will otherwise contain content that needs a sensitivity warning; I will ALWAYS tag that at the top of a post. Please use discretion, especially if you are a minor!

I’ve received a grant from Substack to make this newsletter. The majority of posts will be free, but for various legal reasons a selection will be subscribers-only. All the funds I make from subscribers (minus Substack’s cut) will be donated to a charity of my choice. To begin, I’ll be donating to The Trans Lifeline’s Microgrant program, which provides funds for gender affirming surgery and legal work, with a focus on BIPOC and incarcerated trans folk.

Any kind of bigotry or harassment in the comments will result in immediate blocking.

thank you for being here!

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